We all commit mistakes, making mistakes are common but not rectifying or admitting is worse. When you admit your mistakes you become great. In writing, it takes more score. No one born with techniques or supreme knowledge about what they are doing. It gains only by experience. How does one can get experience? It is very simple during the early state while learning the basics we do mistake correcting it and not repeating it is a type, admit the mistake should be very important. There are many mistakes authors fail to do. So that makes them an unsuccessful person in their life. Learning does not have any deadline. One can learn anytime age does not matter. A person made a phdessay  in his late 60’s. There are many stories like this. Let us understand what are the mistakes that writers have to avoid in their work.


Mistakes should be avoided by writers:

  • The first mistake every budding writer commits is taking their self-criticism this kills a writer at his initial stage. Taking other’s criticism is fair but the criticism that comes from inner us will stop doing the steps to go forward. It will never allow you to work hard, it takes off all the positive thoughts and works from you. So step out of it. Whenever you feel down move away don’t let that rule you. Take some sleep, go out, and get relax. Come back with more energy before you have.
  • Don’t bore your readers by the worthless content. This will never help the readers to attract your writing. And this will never make more readers and revenue also. Readers always expect more from the author. So, the story or novel should always engage them. The writer should make the reader interesting till the end. They should get more knowledge from your writing that should not get anywhere else. If you need to stand in your niche then your effort should be priceless.
  • Following the reflection or reaction for the writing. You can fix this as your profession or passion does not matter. But you have to check the results all the time. Either it is liked by the public or not. That makes betterment in your writing skill. Just giving the work and not following the result is just a waste of time and energy. It should be a habit to follow the works you had made.
  • Giving too many unwanted details will bore the readers though the content of the story is good. The introduction should be very short and simple but at the same time, it should explain all the details clearly. If not it peeves the readers and not make an interest to read further.
  • The story should not create any doubt or gives any unsolved questions to the readers. We may have watched some movies which introduce a new character or disappear the old character which makes the audience more doubt and that will never like by anyone. The story should be very clear and gives the meaning message or good story at the end.

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Phillip Michealson