BMW Service

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke is one of the best and top car manufacturers in the world and they have more than 100 years of experience in this manufacturing field. The special feature of this car lies in its comfort and engine power. They can reach a maximum speed of 250 kmph. They have a perfect interior structure that makes them more costly. The price range of these cars starts from 35L – 2.5C. The car has an integrated system in it which will intimate the owners for the refilling of petrol, services, etc. BMW Service  showrooms are established in many parts of the country and are very good in customer support also. The BMW car integrated system to show the overall performance of the car and also show some statistics of the car’s performance. The car’s price may be very high but comfort provided by them makes their car worth buying. Even at high speed the people inside the car won’t feel any shake or feel the outside car engines sound.


BMW Service

They have 24Hrs service supports to help their customer who faces some breakdown. They have developed a website for the customers to check their last service of the car and when they are supposed to do their next service. The site also has a large number of other products which they have attached for the things their customers may find it difficult to find outside the showroom. The site will have a form to be filled up before bringing their cars to the service. The form will have a make and model of the car, car manufactured ear, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Then the form will have a list of services/services the customer needs and have select all the types of services they need. The list will contain service types as an oil change, battery replacement, brake sounds, wheel alignment, fuel system service, etc. And the last section of the form will ask for the customer’s info to say the name, address, email address, phone number, city, state, pin code, etc. They will also list the available slots in the upcoming week in which the customer has to select one slot according to his wish or convenience, which will make a reservation on that date and time. So the customer can go directly, give the car for service, and return easily. This helps the customers time waiting in queues and meet a service guy explain the problem in the car, etc. The service period for the car may vary from 7 – 10 days approximately. Because the car service center wants its customers not to return to them in short and deliver a perfect serviced car to them. The bill amount of the car service will be estimated and send to customers before the service starts. Meanwhile, any change of car parts between service will be intimated to the customer before replacement. After the service has done customer will receive an email of the bill amount which he has to pay and then take the car from the service center. The BMW cars may have high service costs but the amount spent will not make you feel it is wasted.

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Jann Lasher