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Old folk’s home is a facility for the residential care of the elderly or disabled people. Nursing homes may also be said as long-term care facilities, old age homes, or convalescent care. Long-term care facilities are used by people who do not want to live in health care centers. The nursing home facility staffs have the accountabilities of caring for the patients’ health needs. Generally, nursing home staff works for 24 hours a day. These peoples are affected by bedsores as they stay in one position for a long time. These sores can affect any parts of the body, but most affected areas include elbows, heels, knees, and ankles. Hiring bed sores attorney will be able to point you to ways that when your loved ones were neglected. If proper medication is not done, bedsores will convert into wounds that expose muscles and tendons. Bedsores cause skin discolorations that appear on different parts of the body causing permanent immobility. These skin discolorations are due to pressure on the skin producing lack of movement while sitting or lying for a long period. Bedsores cause major risk at the head, hips, heels, shoulder blades, spines, and other parts of the body that experience constant pressure. If proper treatment is not given for bed sores, these infections cause amputation and finally leads to death. Lack of nutrition to elders also causes bedsores. These bedsores infections will also lead to amputation and also to death. In case of responsibility, whether nursing home or hospital, carelessness can come from anywhere.

bed sores attorney

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Nursing homes are disreputable for neglect far too often they give an improper prescription, provide scarce bedsore wound care and they flop to report bed sores or admit patients to a hospital whenever necessary. The rights of residents depend on how the facility is maintained. Proper nursing care, housekeeping, and regular food have to be given for elders staying in a nursing home. Physical abuse is done to the resident in most of the nursing homes. Physical abuse refers to hitting, or it may be negligence including lack of physical care. Fiscal exploitation is one of the causes of elder abuse. Fiscal exploitation happens when a caretaker takes advantage of access to the elder’s fiscal matters or else compromises the elder’s fiscal status. This may include direct theft or theft from banking accounts. Bedsores also knew as pressure ulcers or pressure sores. Bedsores are treatable, but, if treatment is done too late, they can lead to serious complications. Among the four stages of bedsores, stage 4 bedsores are the most severe form, which a patient develops causes decaying tissues to muscles, ligaments, or even bones. The advanced stage of bedsore may be the effect of nursing home negligence and overstaffing. Stage 4 bedsore is the most dangerous one so it has to be cured as soon as possible. It may be caused due to improper training, or overwork of nursing home staff. In some cases, professionals may not be able to immediately diagnose the last stage by examining it. Various dressings have to be used to keep the wound wet. In some aspects, the wound won’t heal by non- surgical methods in such cases surgery has to be done.

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